Juicy Gossip (References)

You have such amazing talent Twyla, and every time we admire our photos, you will be filling us will such self-confidence again! Not many people can claim that! Thank you for making us all feel so comfortable and sexy in our own skin. Some of those shots are just incredible and I can’t believe you’ve captured me in such amazing ways. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture taken of me that I’ve liked, and now I have oodles. Thank you so much. You truly see things others don’t, what a fabulous gift you have! I’ve never seen myself in those ways before and it’s an unbelievable feeling.
– A Lady, 2015
I really believe in the work you’re doing! Men need to feel better about themselves, too. 
– A Gentleman, 2016


Twyla is spectacular to work with. I have always had self-confidence issues, but she was able to make me feel comfortable and at ease right from the moment I walked in. The pictures turned out wonderful! I love looking at them now simply because they make me feel so good about myself. Twyla Lapointe is quite the genius with a camera. I would recommend her to anyone for any style of photography! She’s an amazing woman to work with! – A Lady, 2010
I’ve hired Twyla twice, and I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I am that I did! She is extremely professional, personable and reliable. She always delivers higher than the expectation. If you hire Twyla to do any sort of photography, you won’t be disappointed. She is very creative and makes the whole experience fun and comfortable. If you are looking for a local photographer I definitely suggest that you contact Twyla first!
– A Lady, 2011
Twyla was awesome to work with! Totally loved my boudoir session! She made me feel totally comfortable and I had an absolutely wonderful time! I would highly recommend her!
– A Lady, 2011
It was so wonderful to work with Twyla and I have such fond memories of that whole day!  The pictures are just gorgeous, absolutely stunning!!
– The Bride, Boudoir Stagette, 2011
I want to thank you again, you made us all feel so comfortable.
– A Bridesmaid, Boudoir Stagette, 2011


I’ve never had more fun taking pictures. I usually hate to be behind the camera, but it was so comfortable. She (the new fiance) loved the pictures, and especially loved the video slide show. In her words, “She brought out a fun-loving sexy side that I hadn’t seen with all those fantastic poses.”
– A Gentleman – 2010

A fantastic photographer, very professional, (and skilled I might add). I very much appreciated her doing this for me (finding someone willing to do dudoir is harder than you’d think!) I searched for guys boudoir and got tired of seeing George Costanza… Then I found Seven Deadly Sins and read the whole FAQ, which made me feel like I could trust her. Twyla made me feel very comfortable and relaxed moments after I entered the shoot. I had a lot of fun, also, allowing me to pay in two installments really helped!
– A Gentleman – 2011boudoir-pinup-dudoir-reviews-4
I had no idea this would be so much fun!
– A Lady, 2011
I absolutely LOVE my photos!  Thank you so much!
– A Lady, 2011