Burning Questions

I’m a Boudoir Virgin, but I’m interested… What does a typical boudoir/dudoir shoot look like?

Expect sensitivity, encouragement, and a warm and friendly environment. You’ll get coaching, instructions, personal demonstrations of posing, and a photographer who doesn’t look like a model so you can’t really feel more inadequate just from my mere presence. (As a plus size person myself, I know how hard it can be to have a starlet or a sexy man photograph you when you’re just a normal human being.)

It’s equally common for a woman to approach a boudoir shoot intending to be fully dressed, partially dressed, fully nude, or even wearing pajamas to celebrate your innocence and comfort. Sometimes costuming or role-playing to brings out a character whom you aspire to be – the sexy but repressed librarian is one of the big fantasies for some nerdy women for example, and there’s always tons of other ideas to work with.

The aim here is to move beyond a normal, conventional portrait to something more intimate and sensual – because that’s what photography is about, capturing a soul in movement, a moment that matters. Building a relationship with the photographer that allows that capture to happen in a comfortable environment. Drop me a line!

Wait… dudoir? Boudoir photography for men?

Men – “dudoir” is not a stupid idea – I know if you search for male boudoir on the internet you’ll get George Costanza on a couch, but that’s SATIRE. It’s not meant to be sexy. (I betcha I could take a sexy pic of George Costanza that would actually be sexy!!)

Yes! Really! Okay, hands up, who thinks that men can look sexy… Of course they can! So why shouldn’t they have sexy pictures taken in their underwear – particularly as a gift for an appreciative lady! Male boudoir, or semi-nude male photography, is actually all over the place and very sexy – consider Abercrombie and Fitch or Calvin Klein ads, for example – or that famous centerfold of Burt Reynolds from the 70s. It’s substantially different from ladies photography – dudoir is all about the masculine: angles, dramatic lighting, muscles, attitude, and hobbies of guys play a big part, and posing is completely different as well. It’s normal to include props like sunglasses, a guitar, sports equipment, or for the more intellectual guy, books or computer stuff. In a dudoir shoot, the plan is that you’ll look completely masculine, sexy, and cool.

It’s probably the first time in your life that you’ll ever have to think about picking out your underwear in the morning, but it might be worthwhile. And though I usually wouldn’t do full frontal – that’s more of an artistic nude area than a boudoir thing anyway since few women think guy’s equipment actually looks sexy, nude back shots are desirable and cool – think about that nude scene in the movie Troy. Better yet, think about all the awesome partial nudity in badass man movies through time, like Ben HurGladiator, and pretty much anything with Schwarzenegger or Vin Diesel. Now take a still of the stars from those movies… and you can probably make a male boudoir photo out of it somehow. Again, if you’re not a big workout person, don’t worry. It’s not just about muscles. Lots of things make guys sexy.

I want a stagette or a boudoir party!

Check out my info guide on that.

Where are you located?

I’m located in Edmonton, AB and share studio space in two studios, an Intimate and Modern setting that are both really amazing, and I also work in people’s homes and AirBnB or Hotel rooms for different looks. I also sometimes work in Saskatoon, SK and surrounding areas. I do travel around Alberta – if you can get a group together in your area, let me know.

What are your packages and how do I make a payment?

See Packages and Payment Options.

Do you have outfits for me?

No – I have some props for ladies, but it’s best to bring your own things – don’t be afraid to just wear things you own that you like or go discount-shopping. Consider borrowing a sexy robe from a friend if you like. (Never underestimate the power of a simple black bra!) Also, remember that not having a bunch of clothing in different sizes on hand keeps my costs down so I can provide quality services at prices you can afford.

Can we hide my ________ (tummy, thighs, bum, etc.)?

There’s all sorts of ways to work with that, from camera angles and cropping to lighting to posing to wearing a big oversize shirt for sexyness. That’s my job to worry about and I know how to do it! I will always ask what you like and dislike about yourself and work with that knowledge. But I might try a few photos to see if you don’t mind that part of yourself too!

Are you going to Photoshop me like a magazine model?

Absolutely not, and here’s why. The aim of Seven is to give you a look that is all YOU, that you can be proud of, not to erase things that are actually there.  If you want a photographer who is going to edit out ALL your scars and skin blemishes, you’re in the wrong place. I certainly won’t emphasize them, And I might make them a bit lighter or take photos that make them less visible, but I won’t make them, and all your skin’s texture, go away. They’re a part of you and I’m not here to make you fake it. I will, on the other hand, do a lot of editing on your photographs. Colors, lighting, and mood setting editing is something I do well and something that sets the scene a lot more than a blemish on your skin breaks it. And temporary blemishes will usually go – like acne spots, sunburn, and cat scratches. Personally, I think scars are almost always sexy. Unless you specifically request it I’m not usually going to edit them out. Talk to me about your needs and desires, though.

I’d like to do a boudoir/dudoir shoot, but I don’t have any ideas, can you help?

Yes! That’s my job! I want to hear from you! Lets brainstorm. Every individual is unique, so I’d have to get to know you to offer ideas! But for starters: If you have lingerie, you could bring your 2-3 favourite pairs. If you have cute PJs you could bring those too for an innocent look! Try your favourite high heels. If your significant other cheers for any sports teams that there’s a jersey hanging about for, or if you have a favourite book in common, if there’s any hobby stuff of theirs that we could use as a prop (model car, gaming controller, etc.), those would be great things to bring. Book a consultation with me!

I don’t really have a reason, I just want to do this. Is that okay?

People choose boudoir for many reasons. Milestone Birthdays, Mid-Life Crises, Divorcees or a sparkling new relationship, a celebration of weight loss, spouses and lovers creating a special gift for their special someone, romance and renewed romance, surgeries (either disfiguring or improvements), post-pregnancy (even during pregnancy if it’s getting you down!) to celebrate your marriage, to celebrate your single life, recovery from an illness, maybe offered as a gift for a friend with low self-esteem – or because they just think it’s cool. That’s just a few reasons for a boudoir shoot, but everyone has their own private thoughts and reasons for getting boudoir or dudoir photography.

Okay, I’m sold. Is this going to break my bank?

Probably not. If the package price sounds like a lot to you, I accept the money in two or three installments, with no interest. If money isn’t an object and there’s more I can do for you, just ask for a customized quote to suit your needs, just get in touch.

I’m skittish… how will you make me comfortable?

I honestly make people comfortable just by being me. I’m one of those people, I guess. If you’d like we can paste a mustache on the camera and call him Fernand. (I would LOVE to do that.) I’d like you to feel ready – or, at least, as ready as you’ll ever be. I want to see you laughing or giggling to yourself, private little smiles, even embarrassed tiny smiles with shining eyes are the best photographic material. I don’t think you should ever feel lost or confused during a shoot, and if you do, please ask for clarification! Just like communication is the key to a good sexual relationship, a good sensual shoot will involve good communication with the photographer. It’s a co-operative effort.

*cough* Um… more than one person?

Yes, I offer couple’s sessions, and you can bring a friend and have a co-session as well!  If you just need someone for moral support and they don’t want a shoot (or want their own dedicated shoot) that’s cool. No extra charge for observers, but don’t bring your honey just to observe, that’s what the photos are for and the shoot itself can be a bit unglamorous in comparison.

Do you do video?

Nope, not for boudoir. Sorry, I’m mostly a still-images girl. No videographers are allowed in a shoot.

Are you going to show my images/post them online/violate my privacy?

I will give you a contract with a list of disclosure options. Its best for me as a photographer to have full or partial disclosure from you, but hey, I get the need for a little privacy too, especially for some professionals with sensitive jobs. The options go from changing your name all the way to full privacy, or photos that show no identifying features or marks.

I’m under 18 and I wanna do this.

Bookmark the site and email me when you’re 18!

I need hair and makeup done for this, I’m not any good at doing my own. Where should I go?

I have some people to recommend to you! Just get in touch!

How much experience do you have in Boudoir/Dudoir/Pro Photography?

Dozens of boudoir and dudoir sessions and hundreds of pro photoshoots under my belt after ten years as a pro photographer and my clientele love me so far. I take an average of 25,000 professional photos a year these days. I have tons of posing education and experience, as well as continuing education with boudoir-specific resources. As for being comfortable with nudity, I spent a lot of my young life in change rooms at the pool and then I went to art school for five years (I’m a BFA honors graduate) and drew nudes of both genders. I’m cool with it all around.

Do you provide nude photography? How far can I go?

If you’d like some tasteful nudes, that’s great, I shoot those all the time. If you’re really asking “How far can I go?” I’m not the photographer for you. I do NOT provide overtly sexual or what is normally called “erotic” photography, though I would be interested in working with a couple on romantic nude images. There is a definite line between artistic nudes and boudoir – which is about telling a story and making an invitation – and beyond. I am morally opposed to being a part of a couple’s sexuality in that way, please save yourself the call. I am also morally opposed to working with any organizations that support and provide easy access to the exploitation of women, ie., massage parlours and strip clubs.

How do I contact you?