An Every Woman Idea

When people ask me what my favourite kind of photography is, I tell them there’s two – family, and boudoir – and oddly, for the same reason. Both are about intimacy. Certainly there’s a professional distance, but there’s nothing more personal than spending an hour with a family having fun or with a vulnerable woman searching for her sensuality, or in some cases, a confident woman putting that sensuality on display! Working with men is really cool too. In either case, I love boudoir because it’s powerful stuff.

On a completely personal note, this is a place for me to reach out to men and women, like myself, with severe and sometimes even crippling body issues. To show them that they, too, are worthy of a pin-up photograph. That their bodies are awesome and attractive. Why is this so important to me personally? I have had an eating disorder since I was in my teens – binge eating disorder (recognizable to most as bulimia, though I could never make myself throw up.) I have all the classic eating disorder traits – the main one being self-loathing. I didn’t come to accept my body in any way until my now-husband came along and loved me so much it was impossible to keep disparaging myself all the time.

I see the struggle we as people have with our bodies, and know it too well. It’s time to take back our perfectly fine bodies, to cherish them and our time here on Earth – and capturing you on camera is a way I can help with that.

That’s why the philosophy here at Seven Deadly Sins is to give each photograph an amount of editing that will enhance it, but not make you disappear. For example, if you have any temporary skin blemishes like acne, minor stretch marks, or a scratch of some kind, I’d be happy to do some editing if you like to minimize those things. But if you are trying to come to terms with constant acne or stretch marks, maybe it would be better if we factored them in instead of editing them out. Because you’re amazing they way you are. That’s why each shoot comes with a consultation to discuss where you’re at with this whole boudoir thing and see if SDS is a good fit for you.

Men – dudoir is a thing! And it should be! Men are sexy too, and there’s an awful lot of advertising photographs of male models out there to prove it. Male boudoir photography – or as some have dubbed it, dudoir, is totally different than female boudoir photography in how it’s shot and set up to make a man look masculine, but still a totally valid idea. There’s more information on my views on sexy male photography in the FAQ.

NOTE: I do NOT provide erotic or nude sexual photography, and am morally opposed to the sexual exploitation of women, regardless of their consent. Save yourself the call.